MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency

MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency

Vocational Retraining

Vocational Retraining

27 April 2017

Vocational Retraining

Those wishing to enroll in a vocational retraining programme have to follow three selection steps:

Step 1 "Collection and Submission of Documents"

  • Filling in the registration form.
  • Collection of the necessary documents (the list of documents is sent to a candidate at their email address stated in the registration form).
  • Preparation of an essay on a given topic (the topic is sent together with the list of documents to a candidate by email).
  • Submission of documents to the programme coordinator (by email or in person, as agreed with the coordinator).

Step 2: "Interview and Enrollment Decision"

  • Assessment of the essay by the academic advisor of the programme.
  • Invitation to an interview (weekdays from 12:00 till 16:00)
  • Enrollment decision.

Step 3: "Conclusion of Contract and Payment"

  • Conclusion of contract on rendering educational services
  • Contract registration
  • Payment


International Relations

International Business Communications and Protocol

Theory and Practice of Simultaneous Interpretation for International Organizations

Digital Finance Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Urban Infrastructure Management and Territorial Development (Odintsovo)

Length of study: from October 2021 till June 2022

Upon completion of the programme, students get a MGIMO Diploma of established form on vocational retraining with the right to conduct activity in the chosen sphere.