MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency

MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency

Executive education

Executive education

18 January 2017

Executive education

Advanced training is a solution for those who wish to reach a new level in their profession and gain relevant knowledge within a short period of time.

MGIMO advanced training certificate is an added bonus to increase your competitiveness in the labour market and undergo an appraisal performance.

Those having or receiving higher education or vocational training can be eligible for the advanced training programme.

Students who have presented a certificate of employment will get a document that certifies the completion of the programme. They will receive a MGIMO advanced training certificate only after the students have presented their higher education or vocational training diploma.

Mode of study can be intensive full-time, full / part-time, or weekend.


  • Audiovisual translation (Odintsovo branch)
  • Basics of communication in a global sports environment in the English language (for beginners)
  • Professional English for sports managers (for intermediate students)


  • Web Design as a strategic tool for business problem solving (Online Classes)
  • Integrated development of negotiation skills in business (Online Classes)
  • Complex Negotiations: Influence Tactics (Online Classes)

International relations

  • International security issues
  • International business protocol and etiquette
  • Regional development strategy


  • Public Health Service Management: Regulation, Organization, Practice
  • Political management
  • Strategic management
  • Management of international communications in sport
  • Smart City Management Ecosystem (Online Classes)

New Media

  • Theory and Practice of New Media: Photo and Video in digital culture

Advertising and marketing

  • Public Speaking and Speech Art
  • Public Relations: The latest communication technologies

Government relations

  • GR and lobbyism in business and non-profit organizations
  • Anticorruption activity in business
  • Managing the organization and undertaking of capital repairs of the common property in apartment buildings (Odintsovo branch)

Economy and law

  • Foreign economic activity manager
  • Regulation and legal aspects of sport
  • Strategic management of finance
  • Business Digitalization

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