MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency

MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency



22 June 2018


June 22, MGIMO Rector A. V. Torkunov handed diplomas to the alumni of the School of Business and International Proficiency.

June 22, MGIMO Rector A. V. Torkunov handed diplomas to the alumni of the School of Business and International Proficiency.

Diplomas were handed to alumni of the following MBA programmes: International Oil Business, Economy and International Business, Financial Director, Public Relations; vocational retraining programmes: International Relations, International Protocol, Coaching, Theory and Practice of Simultaneous Interpretation.

Rector A. V. Torkunov extended congratulations to School of Business and International Proficiency alumni and wished them to continue their studies and make the best use of the skills acquired in their profession. 82 MBA alumni received their diplomas.

The alumni were addressed by Angelika M. Mirzoeva, Director of the School of Business and International Proficiency, Irina M. Khakamada, Professor at the School of Business, member of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, MBA Academic Advisors L. A. Yunusov, Associate Professors V. N. Tkachyov and L. S. Salnikova.

Director of the Alumni Association I. A. Arseniev spoke about possibilities to participate in the life of the University. He congratulated the audience and invited them to join the MGMO big family.

In their turn, two alumni of the School of Business, Orhan Akbarov and Svetlana Aksenova, thanked the School for the time spent at MGIMO, as well as lecturers and professors for the knowledge and skills to help alumni advance in their career.