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The world today does not stand still. It is impossible to build a business without continuously developing and gaining new knowledge and skills. The only way to stand up to today’s harsh competition is to offer high quality service to customers. Often completing this task requires reassessing existing corporate methods, use of new workforce potential and management system. While it used to be that many managers had to learn from their own mistakes, today’s business education can solve this problem and give the knowledge and skills required to make corporate management most effective.

Business education at MGIMO offers:

  • Many years of experience in the field of business-education;
  • A full menu of educational programs for students and practitioners at every level, putting into  practice the motto "Lifelong Education";
  • A reliable, high quality education, fully licensed by the State;
  • Rich experience in working with public and private companies (OJSC «Rosneft», State-owned Corporation «Rostec», OJSC «RZD», The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, OJSC «FGC UES», The Central Bank of Russia, The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, OJSC «Lukoil», OJSC «Surgutneftegaz» and others);
  • Highly qualified teaching staff with practical business;
  • Many years of experience of independent research work;
  • Advanced infrastructure and modern equipment.

Target Audience:

Executive МВА designed for people working for Russian and foreign companies and state-owned corporations.

The Purpose of the Program:

The Executive МВА Program will prepare you to react quickly and effectively to changes in crisis situations. You will gain skills and abilities in corporate management to promote your business in the age of globalization and internationalization of the global economy.

Training materials and presentation:

A textbook, a collection of slides, a collection of case studies.

Teaching methodology:

All courses are interactive and include discussion of real-world case studies.  Students are expected to complete individual course work and will receive assessments and performance feedback from a team of faculty advisors.

Teaching staff:

A representative of a large or medium-sized business will conduct workshops for each modules:

Module 1 - Denis Afanasyev, CEO of Clever Data

Module 2 - Andrey Sergeevich Koblov, Head of Paruskreml Capital Management and international investment fund.

Module 3 - Kirill Mikhailovich Nikitin, partner at PwC.

Module 4 - Nick Martin, Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute for Securities Investment; Special Adviser to Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron; member of Board of Directors of numerous companies

Module 5 – Nikolay Petrovich Chernen'kii, Director of the Legal Department of the International Investment Bank

Module 6 - Igor Igorevich Smurov, partner at TrueNorth Management Consultants

Module 7 – Evgeny Vladimirovich Bragin, Deputy General Director of "UMMC-Holding" LLC

Module 8 - Vera Vladimirovna Danilochkina, Human Resources Management Director at the Company group "Miel"

Program modules take place in Russia and Great Britain on the premises of largest State-owned and private higher educational establishments (MGIMO MFA of Russia, Corporate Technical University LLC UMMC Holding, Russian International Olympic University, London School of Business and Finance).

Academic supervisor — Anna Shashkova — Ph.D. (Law), MGIMO Associate Professor, member of the Moscow Region Advocates’ Chamber, honorary consul of SVG, author of 16 books in Russian and English

On completing the program and passing the final certification exam students will receive an Executive MBA MGIMO Russia certificate.

Additional option includes English language learning course (100 academic hours)

Program structure

Module 1: Effective management in the time of crisis.

This module focuses on the analysis of company life cycles, the choice of the appropriate business model when creating start-ups, as well as issues of modern business management using IT-technologies. The module includes a detailed examination of successful business projects and analysis of the optimal management of IT- portfolio.

Module 2: Developing a vision and strategy. Strategic management initiatives. Change management

This module focuses on strategic business management. It studies comprehensively the issues of internal enterprise analysis, setting organizational goals and the selection and evaluation of strategic initiatives for a particular business.

Module 3: Managing finances

This is a key module for understanding the organization of financial and tax accounting in businesses. It provides knowledge on internal control and international financial accountability. It studies in detail the management of corporate finances.

Module 4: Financial Markets & Investments

This module is dedicated to understanding of the value of financial markets and investment instruments, as well as practical discussion of optimal investment decisions. The module includes a visit to the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange.

Module 5: Managing the legal protection of a business

This module prepares students to select the optimal legal form of business. It defines the procedure and regulations of concluding, amending and terminating contracts, as well as handling legal complaints in businesses. It also analyzes the practice of counter misappropriation of corporate assets.

Module 6: External communications management. Effective management. Investment activity of a company

This module prepares students to interact with external business parties. In this module the problems and principles of interaction with external shareholders, government agencies, contractors, lenders and media outlets are studied in detail.

Module 7: Production management

The module features a visit to the production facilities of nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy companies owned by "UMMC-Holding" LLC. It also includes classes on production management. The module analyzes the effect of operations and processes on the activity of organizations, optimization of operations and processes, and assessment of the consequences of their impact on the development of the organization.

Module 8: Human Capital Management. Leadership

This module examines one of the most important strategic asset for any business — human capital. The most significant issues, such as leadership, development of a human capital management strategy, the selection of candidates, reward management and other forms of employee motivation are given special attention.

Duration of the program — November 2016 – December 2017

Modular attendance — 8 modules, each includes 40 academic hours of full-time classes, and 2 distant modules as selected (200 academic hours long each)

The 1st Module — 17 – 20 November 2016

The 2nd Module — 15 – 18 December 2016

The 3rd Module — 19 – 22 January 2017

The 4th Module — 13 – 17 February 2017 — LSBF (London)

The 5th Module — 16 – 19 March 2017

The 6th Module — 13 – 16 April 2017

The 7th Module — 18 -21 May 2017 — UMMC (Ekaterinburg)

The 8th Module — 21 – 24 September 2017

Programme format: Week-end (Thursday to Sunday, once per month). Classes last from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Programme cost is 980,000 RUB for the entire period of study. Payment is made by semester. — Booklet

Admission requirements:

  • registration form
  • Letter of Application addressed to the President of MGIMO
  • Complete Application Form
  • University diploma(s) with all attachements and inserts
  • 1 photo 3x4 cm
  • Identification Document
  • At least 5 years of managerial experience
  • An essay on a given topic and a motivation letter
  • Letters of Recommendation

Students who do not have a degree in management or economics should complete a Pre-MBA course before enrolling in the program

The best graduates of the EMBA program will be invited to participate in sessions of the Board of the Russian Foreign Ministry MGIMO Alumni Association.


For addition information use following phone numbers to contact us: +7(495)433-1775 or (495)434-9153; E-Mail:,

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